My World Tour

Island in the Great Barrier Reef

Red continent: The Olgas

Taxi service in Indonesia

Shell (gasoline) for my thirsty Raven

The good old „Corvus" travels from australia to
south america by ship

Hangar in Rio Gallegos / Argentina, also used by the legendary Jean Mermoz

A Flight through the Andes

With a Cessna through Europe, Asia, Australia, South and
North America

No matter where I was – even if it was the prettiest place of all –
after a while I had the urdge to pass the horizon to reach other remote sites. I was infected with this bacillus called "adventure" since my first big journey, which led me to South America and the U.S. in the mid-60's.

Having had a good time on Gran Canaria and in Tanzania my flight and travel fever finally got so intense that I had to hit to the skys again and departed for a long journey with my Cessna. Eastward: India was an important goal, Australia - to be reached over the Indonesian islands - also seemed a possible destination.

I got to Australia, roamed across the continent led by my own feeling on which route to take. But as so often the path itself became my destination once more. I continued traveling eastward – until I found myself in the extended lands of the American West.

40,000 kilometers lay behind me, accomplished within 2 1/2 years enclosing 300 flying hours. I had experienced impressionating sights of nature: sunrises, thunderstorms, volcanic eruptions. Corvus" and I had executed some aeronautical masterpieces, fortunately avoiding experiments with serious consequences. (Yet hours of trepidation and minutes of being in the fear of dying were engraved indelibly into my memory.)

I want to let other individuals take part on these events, adventures, experiences and observations. The medium appropriate for this is
– in spite of all technological and scientific innovation of the present time – the good old book, in our case under the title "The Flight of the Raven".