Hans Schneider

My name is Hans Schneider, I am a draftsman, bird connoisseur
and music lover, sport pilot and globetrotter: a modern adventurer.

Now I’ve written about my life. My experiences during a 2 year world tour with a Cessna. A time when I crossed oceans, mountains and rain forests, cities, glaciers and deserts.

I met Turkish florists, Iranian chess players and Afghan generals, storytellers in Pakistan and foresters in Nepal. I had conversations with Indian ear cleaners, Burmese monks and Indonesian kite-flying anglers, Australian Aborigines, Argentinian sheepshearers and Brazilian helicopter pilotes,but also with Vietnam veterans from Florida and moonshiners in New Mexico.

And I took photographs. Not mere snapshots, but genuine photo-graphs! Along with my writing, these pictures are the contents of my book. Of a really well-done book, I think: “The Flight of the Raven”.