Cessna "Corvus"

Corvus Corax, the Raven, after which I named my Cessna 150

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Corvus Corax is the name zoologists have given the bird commonly known as the raven. I didn’t know that, when I was a boy, but nevertheless was enthusiastic about the pinnate flying artists – and, soon, the art and technique of flying on the whole.

My fascination lasted, in fact increased. I gained my pilot’s license, bought a plane – my plane: a used Cessna 150, with very good equipment, for it had been a training machine before.

Everything has a name. Particularly this faithful technical companion, who should never - as long as handled carefully and appropriately - let me down. Therefore “Corvus”, as in the meantime ravens had become the favorite subject of my ornithological interest.

Thus “The Flight of the Raven” also gives insight into the technical details of my aeronautical adventures: How I increased the plane’s range effectively by installing an auxiliary tank. How I set height records and shot pictures in a more than acrobatic manner. Please enter and take a seat!