My Book

The Flight of the Raven
An honest book is a very personal thing. Each of my readers will realize this soon. Who are the prospective readers of "The Flight of the Raven"? Curious and open minds of each age. Travellers planning there own tour to regions where I've been. Those, who prefer to make long journeys at home on their sofa. The big family
of sport flight in general and especially fans of the Cessna.

What can these afficionados of adventure and culture longing for new horizons expect? A rich fund of events, observations and opinions, which extend to various spheres of life and knowledge: Zoology and geography, ethnology and history, politics and aviation. All this generously illustrated with more than 200 photos, in addition 5 survey maps and a CD containing film records form Amazonia and Peru. Bilingual German / English. Volume: 256 pages, weight: 1350 grams, price: 42.- Euros (plus forwarding expenses: within Germany 6,50 Euros, abroad on demand).

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